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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the terms and conditions page for your trading and demat account with Investeria Financial Services Pvt Ltd. ("Investeria"). Investeria is a Trading Member of both NSE and BSE, registered with the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI), holding Registration No. INZ000225432 for Cash/Derivatives segments of NSE & BSE. Additionally, Investeria is a Depository Participant using CDSL as the Depository, with SEBI Registration No. IN-DP-297-2016 and CDSL DP ID 12072900.

By accessing and using your account, you agree to comply with all the terms and conditions outlined on this page, along with all documents, including application forms and undertakings, signed during account opening. Please read this page carefully and retain it for future reference.

The website is owned, operated, and maintained by Investeria Financial Services Pvt Ltd., a company incorporated under the Companies Act, with CIN: U65921MH2011PTC212864. Our registered office is located at: 1003, Ruby Crescent Business Boulevard, Ashok Chakrawarthy Road, Above Axis Bank, Kandivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400101.

Please note that the information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

General Terms and Conditions

Before using our online trading services, clients must complete the required registration process as outlined on our website. Please follow the instructions provided to register successfully.

Clients are responsible for their own investment decisions, evaluating their financial circumstances and investment goals. Investeria provides information for reference only, and clients should not hold Investeria or its affiliates liable for any trading losses or damages incurred. It is recommended that clients seek independent professional advice for investment decisions. Investeria employees are not authorized to offer investment advice, and clients should not rely on any advice from Investeria staff.

Online Payment

Investeria has partnered with secure payment gateways, reputable banks, and other approved service providers to facilitate seamless online payments from our registered clients. You can access the online payment option through:

  • Client Back Office Login
  • Mobile Trading Application
  • Our Official Website: www.investeria.in

These platforms ensure that your transactions are safe, quick, and convenient.

For any assistance or inquiries regarding online payments, please contact our support team.

SecurePass: Safety Measures Online

Investeria provides clients with a secure online trading platform accessible via a unique username and password. The platform features stringent Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for added security, requiring both a password and a 6-digit PIN or app-based authentication. Clients can reset their passwords anytime using the ‘Forgot Password’ link, which sends a reset link to their registered email.

Clients are responsible for keeping their login credentials confidential and are liable for all transactions made using their account. In case of suspected unauthorized access or security issues, clients must notify Investeria immediately. Adherence to these protocols ensures a safe and secure trading experience in line with SEBI and Exchange guidelines.

Trade Account Care

Clients are obliged to make all payments to Investeria within the stipulated time. Delayed payments may result in refusal of transactions or closure of positions at the discretion of Investeria. Any associated costs or losses shall be solely borne by the client. Payments must originate from the client's account and not from any third party.

Clients authorize Investeria to release payments due to them from their trading account upon specific request.

Delivery of securities to Investeria must occur within 24 hours of executing a sale order or one day before the pay-in date, whichever is earlier. Clients are solely responsible for any losses incurred due to delays in delivery. Investeria does not accept third-party shares or payments.

Investeria may credit securities directly to the client's demat account. Securities in the no-delivery period will be credited at the time of trade settlement. However, Investeria reserves the right to withhold securities if the client has outstanding liabilities.

Investeria may consider any funds or securities in the client's account as margin received.


All orders for securities made through Investeria’s Online Trading System under the Client’s Username are considered to be authorized by the Client.

Investeria may set and adjust limits on the Client’s orders (such as exposure and turnover limits) based on its risk assessment and other factors. These limits can be changed without prior notice, and Investeria is not liable for any issues arising from these changes or the Client’s inability to place orders as a result.

Clients must provide their identification details when placing orders by phone to verify their identity.

Transactions will follow Exchange Provisions, and Investeria is not responsible for any delays or losses in order execution. The Client agrees that market orders will be executed at the price available at the time by the exchange’s system, which may differ from the trading price when the order was placed.

Zero Brokerage Deals

  • Equity Delivery Brokerage: NIL (Rs. ZERO)
  • Equity Intraday / Future Brokerage: Rs.7/- per executed order or 0.02%, whichever is lower.
  • Options Brokerage: Rs.7/- per lot.

Applicable terms & conditions:

  • Enroll with Investeria - Stocks & Mutual Funds App between 01-July-2024 and 31-August-2024 to take advantage of this exclusive offer. Open your trading and demat account at zero cost.
  • Account activation is subject to IPV and due diligence as per regulations. Start trading after transferring funds from your registered bank account.
  • For call and trade services, a nominal fee of Rs. 25 per order or 2%, whichever is lower, applies.
  • Annual maintenance charges for the demat account are Rs. 500 from the second year. Note: This offer excludes commodities trading.
  • Terms and conditions apply. Contact support@investeria.in for details.

Trading, Settlement & Accounts

By placing an order through Investeria's website, trading terminal, or mobile app, clients agree that their orders will be forwarded to the Exchange. Orders placed by other means will be handled at Investeria's discretion.

Orders submitted during trading hours are routed for market execution. Clients receive order confirmations via email or SMS, which must be reviewed immediately. If a confirmation is not received, clients must follow up with Investeria.

Order modifications or cancellations are only processed if requested before execution.

Clients must report errors or discrepancies within 24 hours of receipt. Investeria reserves the right to accept or reject client objections.

Online Account Opening

Online account opening with AADHAAR is available exclusively for Indian residents opening personal accounts (excluding HUFs, corporate entities, and NRIs).

During the online account setup, your data will be retrieved from the KYC database and cannot be modified.

Document collection for account opening is dependent on the availability of our representatives at the specified time and location.

Representations & Warranties

The Client confirms they are authorized to enter into this agreement and it does not breach any other agreements. They agree to provide all necessary information, such as PAN or Unique Identification Number, and confirm all provided details are accurate.

The Client acknowledges the potential interruptions and technical issues associated with online trading. They accept that Investeria and the Exchange cannot guarantee continuous, uninterrupted access to the online trading services. Therefore, the Client will not hold Investeria or the Exchange liable for any service disruptions.

The Client warrants ownership and clear title of all securities deposited with Investeria. They also agree to indemnify Investeria against any losses or claims arising from the misuse of their user ID and password. The Client authorizes Investeria to take necessary actions to complete transactions on their behalf, though Investeria is not obligated to do so.